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Team Wet Dog
because a tired (and wet) dog is a happy dog

Join us for some recreational fun swimming time with your pet. This is also a good way to introduce your pet to water in a safe and controlled manner. These are non-therapeutic sessions in our pool where your pet will be free to swim on their own or with one of our rehab team members. Make it a play date with up to three dog friends in the pool at a time. Swim times are scheduled outside of rehab operating hours and booked at specific times. Pets must be deemed fit to swim by your veterinarian, be up to date on vaccinations, and have no underlying health issues that may put them at risk for illness or injury while using the indoor pool.

The pool will be reserved for just your dog, or make it a play date!


Initial Swim (includes fit-to-swim assessment and intro to the pool 45 min.) $54.60 + HST

Single Swim Session (30 min.) $42 + HST

4 Swim Sessions (30 min.) $159.60 + HST

8 Swim Sessions (30 min.)  $302.40 + HST

Prices include one dog or share the session with another dog friend and split the cost. Want to add a third? Add $10.50 per session (max three dogs in the pool).

NOTE: size does matter!  The pool is best suited for no more than 2 large (Golden Retriever-sized dogs) at one time.  XL Dogs best to swim alone (ex. Newfoundland) We can accommodate up to three small-medium sized dogs. Ask our staff, and we will let you know the best way to experience our indoor dog pool.

Fit to Swim Initial Assessment

  •  Initial visit (45 min) includes a Fit to Swim assessment and an introduction to the pool with our rehab team to make sure your pet is comfortable in the pool and becomes familiar with entering and exiting safely. It is not unusual for pets to be nervous their first time in the pool but they learn to use the non-slip ramp quickly.   Once complete, they are free to swim!

  • Prepare to get splashed and wear clean, non-slip footwear

  •  Bring your own pet life-jacket or use one of ours for free

  •  If your pet is comfortable in the water after swimming with the life jacket, it can then be removed if desired to enjoy free swimming. A rehab member will always be present to assist and enter the pool if needed.  Pet owners are not allowed in the pool. Humans 12 years and under are not allowed in the pool area for safety reasons, but we have large viewing windows if they like to watch from outside of the hydrotherapy center. We reserve the right to limit the number of people in the pool area.

  •  Please bring your own towel. Clean water toys are allowed and recommended for more fun. We also have a variety for purchase at our CAPS boutique (debit and credit card transactions only)

  •  Pets must be clean and all efforts must be made for them to have passed urine and stool prior to swimming. We have a strict Code Brown policy on our waiver for hygienic reasons - pooping in the pool will immediately terminate the swim session with no refund as the pool will need to be sanitized - this will result in the cancellation of all following swims for the day to allow for proper sanitation. Repeat offenders will be banned from the facility without refund.

  • Our pool is sanitized with chlorine in the same manner as a pool for human use

You do not need to be a client of our hospital to swim, but we will require verification of medical medical history from your regular veterinarian in order use our facility . Sees Fit-to-Swim Form

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