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Pooh Cat Memorial Fund

Who's Pooh?

Pooh was our beloved feline resident of Mountain Vista for over 20 years. As a kitten, she was found in a desperate state on Westchurch Sideroad by one of our caring clients.  As we nursed this little kitten back to health, her charm and cool confidence grew on us. Pooh became a permanent resident of the hospital and a huge part of our MVVH family.  For many years she was the hospital greeter and met countless clients and their pets. She brought a smile to so many, sometimes in difficult times, and she will be forever remembered by staff and clients as the iconic clinic cat of Mountain Vista. Pooh graced us with her presence for over 20 years. She passed peacefully surrounded by those who knew and loved her.  We are honouring her legacy by creating the Pooh Cat Memorial Fund which will be used to assist clients in need with pets requiring palliative care end of life care. No animal should be in pain nor leave this world without dignity and a compassionate person by their side.  For every patient that crosses the Rainbow Bridge, we will donate to the Pooh Cat Memorial Fund to assist pets in need. 

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