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From Puppies and Kittens to Senior Care
we have them covered

Acquiring a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time especially if you are a first-time pet owner. Or perhaps you have adopted an adult pet, or maybe you have noticed your senior companion is slowing down. Maybe it is time for a quality of life assessment? We provide all of the services and tools you need in one convenient location. We are easily accessed from Highway 26 or County Road 124 serving many communities in the Southern Georgian Bay area.  Our hospital is warm and welcoming with ample, stress-free parking. Our team is here to make you feel at home!

 Fear Free techniques. Fewer referrals to other facilities when diagnostics are needed the most. Less travel. We are here every step of the way and we treat our patients like they were our own.

The Early Years

Puppy/Kitten Checklist

  • vaccination series

  • comprehensive deworming

  • parasite prevention

  • life stage nutritional counselling

  • genetic disease screening

  • behaviour and socialization

  • timing of spay/neuter

  • laparoscopic surgery

The Adult Years

Preventative Health Care

  • annual physical examinations

  • wellness screening

  • vaccination assessment

  • tick, flea, heartworm prevention

  • dental care

  • body condition scoring

  • nutritional counseling

  • advanced diagnostics

The Golden Years

Senior Pet Health Care

  • biannual physical examinations

  • senior wellness testing

  • vaccination assessment

  • flea, tick, heartworm prevention

  • mobility and pain assessments

  • rehabilitation, hydrotherapy

  • life-stage appropriate nutrition

  • regenerative medicine

Final Care

Compassionate Care

  • quality of life assessment

  • palliative treatment options

  • end of life choices

  • comfort room

  • cremation services

  • memorial products and services

  • grieving resources

  • home euthanasia

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