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Laparoscopic Spay and Other Procedures
minimally invasive surgery, less pain, faster recovery
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Laparoscopic surgery is revolutionizing the way we perform surgical procedures in our pets. Once only available in human medicine or at specialty referral hospitals, we are pleased to offer laparoscopic surgery options. Laparoscopy uses a specialty surgical camera inserted through a small hole in your pet's abdomen. By avoiding a larger incision and using special surgical tools that don't tear, but rather cauterize the tissues,  pets encounter less pain, are at decreased risk for incision infections, and recover much faster than with traditional surgery, The most common procedure we perform in our hospital is a laparoscopic spay or a "lap spay". Other procedures include gastropexy (prophylactic tacking of the stomach to prevent gastric torsion in predisposed dog breeds),  retained testicle removal (or cryptorchid surgery) and liver biopsy in patients with elevated liver enzymes. Laparoscopic surgery can also be used to explore the abdomen which traditionally would require a very large incision. We offer these services to all our patients as well as accept patients from other hospitals and regions. If you are not a regular client of Mountain Vista Veterinary Hospital, simply call us, or book online under "laparoscopic spay consult" and we will set up a telemedicine appointment with one of our veterinarians to discuss laparoscopic surgery for your pet. Records of your visit will be shared with your regular veterinarian.

"The second millennium has brought with it a new era of modern surgery. The creation of video surgery is as revolutionary to this century as the development of anesthesia and sterile technique was to the last one"

- Marelyn Medina MD, Society of Laparoscopic  Endosurgeons

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