Laparoscopic Spay

Is it time to spay your pet? Minimally invasive surgery is the wave of the future in veterinary medicine allowing for smaller incisions, faster recovery times and less pain in our patients. We are one of only a few general practice veterinary hospitals in Ontario that are equipped and trained to perform laparoscopic spays and a variety of other laparoscopic procedures that are readily accessible and reasonably priced for pet owners in our region and beyond.

Advantages of a laparoscopic spay over a traditional spay surgery:

  • single, small port-hole incision

  • less pain

  • faster recovery and return to activity

  • brings human technology to our veterinary patients

New to Mountain Vista or not a regular client? Please contact the office or book online to set up a Pet Telehealth phone consultation with one of our veterinarians to discuss a laparoscopic spay for your pet. New clients and referrals from other hospitals are welcome.

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