Diagnostic Imaging

onsite x-ray and ultrasound services

Diagnostic imaging is used to screen for disease inside of the body. This includes x-rays and ultrasound. Our hospital has a fully equipped digital x-ray suite which produces images within seconds. We use the advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence or AI to help us interpret our x-rays. After an x-ray is taken, it is sent immediately to an AI center where within minutes, the x-rays are analyzed. This extra pair of eyes helps our doctors make more thorough evaluations.  We can also send the images, if needed, to board-certified radiologists via telemedicine for complex cases and specialist evaluation.

We also utilize digital x-ray imaging for our dental procedures. Dental x-rays are vital for fully assessing pet dental health as it gives us an idea of what is happening below the gum line which can not be seen otherwise with our eyes alone.

We are very fortunate to offer onsite ultrasound services and often can provide same day and emergency service as we have an experienced veterinary sonographer on staff. Ultrasound uses sound waves to evaluate internal organs. Ultrasound can be used to look at structures in the abdomen, chest, neck and the muscles and joints, and is also used to perform echocardiograms, an essential tool to evaluate the heart. Telemedicine services with board-ceritified veterinary cardiologists are also available for heart cases when needed.