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We are a full service small animal veterinary hospital located in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario and have been proudly treating pets in our region since 2000. We are a non-corporate, locally owned and operated multi-veterinarian practice established by Collingwood native and local resident veterinarian Dr. Jacquie Pankatz.  We are centrally located to serve Collingwood, the Town of Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Stayner, Creemore and the surrounding communities of Southern Georgian Bay and beyond. Living in this four-season play-ground, we welcome new clients and their pets who call our region their second home. We also gladly work with clients in collaboration with their regular veterinarian who seek out our ultrasound, echocardiography, laparoscopic, endoscopic, regenerative medicine and natural pet care services. New patients are warmly welcomed! We are the only veterinary hospital that is fully equipped and have surgically- trained veterinarians to offer laparoscopic spay surgery north of the GTA.

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January 4, 2021

Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

2021 has finally arrived however our region is still in the midst of the Ontario pandemic lockdown. We are here for you and your pets and continue to take all precautions to protect you and our staff. We are offering all services including new patient visits, vaccines, spay/neuter services, wellness visits and seeing unwell and urgent care cases. Curbside check-in will continue.


Special exceptions are made for end of life care. For those entering the building, we do have a strict mask-wearing policy and will ask some screening questions. If you are unwell, please have a friend or family member bring in your pet. If you or a family member have been diagnosed with coronavirus, the current recommendation is to limit close contact with your household pets if possible. We now know that dogs and cats can contract the virus from humans, but the transmission pathway from pets to humans is unclear. It is very unlikely pets pose a significant risk from what has been determined so far, and pets usually have no or mild signs. If your pet has been exposed to a person with coronavirus and/or has signs of coughing, sneezing or runny nose, please let us know. In most cases, your pet more likely has a kennel cough infection or common upper respiratory infection. We are taking extra precautions within our hospital to be safe. Many upper respiratory infections can be warded off with keeping your pet current on their vaccinations. If your pet is overdue for their physical check-up and preventative vaccinations, please book at your earliest convenience. If you are unsure, please contact us and we can let you know. With lock-down measures early in the pandemic, some patients may have fallen through the cracks and we are still playing catch-up with our reminder system.

New puppy or kitten in your life? It is very important that they receive the preventative health care that is required for a good healthy start.  The pandemic has sparked a heightened interest in pet ownership and we are here to ensure they get the best care. It has been such a joy seeing so many puppies and kittens in our hospital and is a real highlight of our day when we greet these new family members. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and Instagram account where we will often post pictures!

On the flip-side of the pandemic pet "baby-boom", there has also been some negative aspects to the practice of veterinary medicine which has affected veterinary hospitals across the country. Veterinary hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with increased call volumes and increased demand for veterinary services while balancing staffing shortages due to illness, childcare issues and personal reasons. Please remember, our staff are also navigating the pandemic with their families. With this in mind, we ask for patience when our phone lines are busy. If you need to leave a message, please do so. We will call you back as soon as someone is available.  Our receptionists are overwhelmed at times with the shear volume of calls coming through.

Other tips to ensure smoother service during these unprecedented times include planning ahead and booking early. Same day service may not always be available and our priority will be our most critical patients. A hit by car patient, for example, will take priority over an ear infection. Please also plan ahead for your prescription refills. These must be approved by a veterinarian and then filled by our pharmacy team. Some special orders can take a little longer, and with the pandemic, we have also been experiencing some shipping and backorder issues. Also:

Book your appointments online - we now have this nifty feature! Pick a day and time and our staff will confirm your appointment with your desired form of communication. Click the red button on our website.

Order your pet's special diets or other non-prescription items through our webstore. At clinic and home delivery options are available and your food will likely arrive faster with this method than calling in.

Telemedicine Appointments are also available for issues that can be handled remotely. Depending on the issue, our veterinarians may be able to prescribe and treat some conditions over the phone. We can help you determine if this type of appointment is appropriate.

We have streamlined parasite preventative medication pick up. Please remember that ticks and Lyme disease are a concern all year in our region and your pet should be protected in the winter. Curbside pick up and home delivery are available. We also offer a telehealth consultation for parasite prevention through our online booking service for those patients we have not seen before or have not seen for a while in order to make sure we are selecting the right product for your pet.

Thank-you for your continued patience and trust in our hospital.

Stay safe. Be kind.



Dr. Jacquie Pankatz and Your Pet's Health Care Team at Mountain Vista

It's Time to Start Your Pet's Fall/Winter Tick Prevention

During these unprecedented times, it is understandable that everyone's health and well-being is focused on family and friends. But please do not forget our furry friends!  Tick prevention is needed all year in our region. Temperatures that reach above 0 degrees celcius are ideal conditions for hungry ticks to "quest" ie. look for a meal!

Spending more time with our pets in our great outdoors puts them at risk for Lyme disease and a variety of other tick-bourne diseases. We offer easy curbside pick-up for parasite medications and if we have not seen your pet in a while,  or if you are new to our practice, consider a parasite prevention telemedicine appointment to discuss your pet's needs. Chat with one of our docs, and we can dispense the right product for your pet.  Book online now to set up a convenient consultation!

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