Welcome to our Premier Pet Health Club

A monthly pet membership program that helps pet parents spread veterinary care costs throughout the year plus many added perks!

Unlimited veterinary visits at no charge - Really!

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  • easy automatic monthly payments

  • unlimited veterinary visits*

  • 10% cashback rewards on services & products

  • 24/7 live chat and phone veterinary support

  • interest free payment plans

  • automatic rebates applied for product purchases

* exclusions include webstore purchases, Collingwood Active Pets rehab and hydrotherapy services, SmartVet consults, and HVEC visits. This is not pet insurance, but rather an alternative to pet insurance for those who wish other options for veterinary care. Unlimited veterinary visits refer to doctor or veterinary technician consultations and pet assessments. This plan does not include diagnostic testing, medications, vaccines and other procedures or products but 10% rewards are earned on these items to be used  for future visits.


"Searching for innovative ways to allow pet owners to focus on their pet's health and wellness while providing a peace of mind is our goal. GoFetch is a wonderful option to consider as it helps decrease the barriers of seeking professional help when it's needed most. I am very excited to introduce this  contemporary and forward-thinking program for veterinary care options in our region."

- Dr. Jacquie Pankatz, founder of Mountain Vista Veterinary Hospital