Dental Care

At MVVH we are very passionate about your pet's dental care. As the mouth is the gateway to your pet's body, maintaining a healthy mouth is a vital part of managing your pet's overall health and well-being. We have a dedicated dental suite in our hospital housing our surgical and cleaning dental equipment as well as our digital dental x-ray machine. Our veterinarians utilize modern techniques including dental charting, dental x-rays and the use of dental nerve blocks. Pain control and healing are enhanced with the use of PBMT laser (see below). Our veterinary technicians are trained to take dental x-rays and to provide dental cleaning utilizing our dental equipment. All pets undergoing a COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment) at our hospital have a set of full-mouth dental x-rays included in the procedure. Why is this necessary? The simple truth is that important dental issues will be missed if dental x-rays are not performed every time. Important tooth structures are under the gum line that can not be seen with our eyes (see the example below). Treatment plans are individualized for each patient and we are happy to provide estimates for dental care.  At MVVH every month is pet dental health month! Click on the following link to learn more about the treatment of dental disease in our patients

Signs of dental disease  in your pet:

Bad breathe


Chronic nasal discharge and sneezing

Hesitant to chew hard food

Red or bleeding gums

Dark brown build-up on teeth

Broken tooth (teeth)

Swelling under the eye

Extra teeth or missing teeth

Abnormal tooth/jaw alignment

** Amazingly many pets will continue to eat even with severe dental disease and "act" normally

MVVH Dental Surgery Suite

The Importance of Dental X-rays

When seeking out dental treatment for your pet it is important to ask if dental x-rays are a part of the your pet's dental health assessment. At MVVH, full mouth dental x-rays are included in every COHAT or dental procedure every time to ensure that disease lurking below the gumline is not missed that may cause ongoing dental pain in your pet.

Picture of a lower molar tooth in a patient after

a dental cleaning. It looks pretty normal on the outside right?

The dental x-ray of the same tooth shows a much different picture with serious disease under the gum line, bone destruction and infection.

PBMT Laser for Dental Healing

Photobiomodulation therapy is used extensively in our hospital and one area that it is used is post-operatively in our patients that have undergone dental surgery. PBMT laser therapy helps decrease pain and inflammation but also enhances healing of tissues. PBMT can also be used to treat chronic dental problems such as chronic gingivostomatatis, a painful oral condition that often affects cats.


Our RVT's are trained in the use of PBMT laser for the treatment and control of pain after dental surgery. PBMT is included in all dental procedures in our hospital.